Friday, February 19, 2010


Moi et Geo. Co-owner of 'Wellington Street Style' blog (:

Is is just me or does everyone LOVE taking seemingly endless, weird, often completely random pictures on PhotoBooth?
Hmmm.. *Ponders* (Note the sunburn-that is what you get from sitting at Frankits park for several hours kids)
Bow from Ruby

That shall be all for now.


  1. Thanks for your comment, they are THE most comfy shoes I have ever worn, I haven't worn any other heels since I got them and they are damn high, so that's saying something. From Overland if you wanna hunt them down. And I'm doing Graphic Design at AUT, so so so mean. What are you thinking of doing? oh to be at school green.

  2. Oooh exciting, I might just have to check them out. Well I want to do something in design, or maybe advertising.. I'm not really sure at the moment. 'What i want to be when I grow up' changes every week haha :)

  3. hey ;) yeah, when I made my studded bag last summer I tried to make it look like the wang coco because ever since I saw ms. olsen with it I had to have it and could not wait for an affordable replica to come out.

    hope you had a lovely weekend! xoxo