Sunday, April 18, 2010


That feeling when you get out of bed, after having done small amounts of strenuous exercise the previous afternoon. You move one leg and think "Oh crap."
This is how I am feeling atm. Not soo cheery. And even sadder that if this state of pain does not pass by this weekend there could be serious consequences, as in not being able to wear the ripped, torn and patched cheap mondays that I purchased with my bro at (aka Geo) from the GAG sale shop (for those not familiar with Good as Gold.... weirdos.) for wait for it......wait for it... WAIT FOR IT.... 60 buckaroos. I know what you are thinking "Zoe you are amazing, you got the gangstuuur staff there to get you a discount because you guys are bffls?" No, sadly not my friends.
You too will have to wait impatiently until the next spectacular event like this comes in 2011.


  1. Thanks so much for following my blog. Much appreciated. I love wellington been there a few times. Like your blog , a lot of variety in it . Great . oxo Oh and love your little statement and realisation above haha.

  2. GAG, online only for me obvi being in Aucks. I got my Beau Coops from GAG (LOVES!) but am rather gutted you acored CM jeans for 60 clams...and that it's not 2011 already.

    Follow you.