Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh hey there.
Remember me?
Yeahhhh didn't think so. Seeing as I can not come up with an inventive enough excuse I'll just say that I forgot/couldn't be bothered. I know, I know. SLACKER but I have been rather busy of late, with my parents keeping me under lock and key to study for my mock exams. Which don't even matter btw Mum. That is why they are called 'Mocks',but they are not to be mocked as the wise Miss Davidson once said.
I skipped down to the new Lara Parker store that opened in Cuba St the other day, and found this cooooooool skirt. As the website does not allow copying, I'll just link ya baby
Even though it maybe is kind of slightly copying the scalloped edges that Chloé did a few seasons back, it is still incredibly cool, and did I mention leather? Oh yes. It may not be taupe, or khaki, but it will do. I will leave you with this, 'Power puffing' immature, I know.

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